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Azra Games believes that the childhood experience of bashing, smashing, and storytelling with your favorite toys in unhinged and imaginative play is the purest form of gaming. We are on a mission to recapture that freedom for the modern era with kickass collectibles and combat RPGs across multiple platforms. LFG!

We are both gamers and crypto natives. Founded by virtuoso game designer Mark Otero, best known for Electronic Arts’ top grossing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, serial-preneur Sonny Mayugba (COO) and crypto degen Travis Boudreaux (CTO), Azra Games is backed by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and NFX.

Mark Otero is joined by an insanely stacked dev team. Game credits include franchises such as Star Wars, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Marvel, Battlefield and more. That said, we build to our strengths. Our first game, LEGIONS & LEGENDS, will be Mark’s ninth collectibles and combat RPG.

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Mark Otero holding a sword
black and white Legionnaire standing on skulls

LEGIONS & LEGENDS is a collectibles and combat RPG set in a new sci-fi / fantasy universe. Conquer an uncharted galaxy where technology and magic collide.

  • Command legions in strategic mass combat.
  • Cross epic worlds and face powerful civilizations.
  • Control your collection of commanders, massive War Machines and brutal Monstrosities.
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"The Hopeful" are the first and only mint of Azra's Play Forever Pass™ (PFPs). Holders of these NFTs gain exclusive access to an array of premium perks.

  • Get content from all Azra Games including
  • Unlock Private Discord, Sneak Peeks, and Epic Drops.
  • Early Access to demos and more.
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We are dedicated to crafting the future of gaming. Here’s a quick peek at the events leading up to the launch of LEGIONS & LEGENDS!


  • 01.12.2022
    Birth of Azra Games
  • 02.26.2022
    Community Formation
  • 05.19.2022
    Funding Announcement


  • 06.29.2022
    L1 Blockchain Selection - ETH
  • 06.29.2022
  • 09.21.2022
    "The Hopeful" NFT Trailer
  • 09.28.2022
    "The Hopeful" NFT Mint


  • L2 Layer Announcement
  • Gameplay Trailer
  • Azra Token Offering
  • LEGIONS & LEGENDS Litepaper


  • Sandbox Testing
  • Soft Launch


  • Worldwide Launch
  • New Content and Live Service


Recapture the imaginative freedom of childhood play by delivering kickass collectibles and combat RPGs powered by Web3 technology.

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AAA Gaming Quality
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It's the year 2022 and the future of gaming has arrived…

Are you ready for an epic opportunity to level up your career? To help carve a path in a new game space? A deep calling for greatness has brought YOU to the gates of Azra Games! Help us fight off killer robots, evil aliens, and creatures from the deep unknown. Forge your own legend alongside veterans in the gaming industry, and be swiftly praised for your achievements by millions of loyal followers from across the globe!

Sac-town is where the magic happens, and most of our team members have deep roots here. Located in beautiful and historic Old Sacramento, our headquarters is walking distance to the "Farm-to-Fork" Capital's best food, drinks, and entertainment. When we celebrate our victories, you'll be sure to find us supporting our local bars and arcades!

Opportunities don’t last long and destiny waits for no one! Apply immediately to secure your position with competitive salary, benefits, company equity, token offering, and much more!

We need HEROES for the following roles :

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