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The Hopeful collection is Azra Games’ first and only mint of a very special collection of NFTs we call PFPs - not just a profile pic but a Play Forever Pass™.

Holders will unlock an amazing array of benefits and perks in Legions and Legends, our first game, and all future games in the Azra universe. Legions and Legends is set in a sci-fi fantasy universe in which players command Legions in a new battle experience, craft massive War Machines, trade in-game NFT collectibles and earn rewards in a first-of-its-kind in-game economy.

The aspiration of hope for the Web3 promise, and the pioneers & misfits who invest/build/support is what led to the naming of our NFT collection. We partnered with Magic Eden launch pad because of their community-centric culture to bring The Hopeful to life on Sept. 28 mint on Ethereum.

The Hopeful are members of the Genesis Merchant Company - the intrepid explorers, miners, scrappers and traders who discovered the Corvus Galaxy. One of these explorer, Darko Wiggins, made an incredible discovery of the moon Sitara-9.

Now the entire band of "The Hopeful" are following this exciting lead to the edge of uncharted space. They seek to extract valuable relics of a lost warrior civilization. Some are honest and do it for the good of the colonies. Others are in search of glory, eager to lay claim to treasure with no intention of reporting it back to the Genesis Merchant Company.

Journey into the Corvus Galaxy

The Hopeful NFT Utility

The Hopeful are employees of the Genesis Merchant Company - the intrepid explorers, miners, scrappers, traders, and misfits who discovered the Corvus Galaxy featured in Legions & Legends. Holders of this genesis collection will get an array of epic benefits that include, but are not limited to:

  • Private Discord channels with unparalleled access to the Azra team.
  • Alpha channels with allowlist opportunities focused on bluechip NFT and crypto gaming.
  • Private crypto and Web3 gaming educational seminars with industry luminaries.
  • Opportunities to provide early feedback on art and design.
  • Sneak-peeks of concept art.
  • The earliest beta access to Legions & Legends and future Azra titles.
  • Invitations to IRL Azra events.
  • Other yet-to-be disclosed benefits that our attorneys won’t let us reveal, but which we believe will be certain to spark surprise and delight. 

Read Azra's NFT licensing agreement here.

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